A multi award winning Community Interest Company that aims to empower and support communities through activity, creativity and counselling.

wellbeing resources

We have curated a range of resources with our freelancers and directors to allow free access to online wellbeing classes and materials. Keep checking back for new material!



Diverse & focused outreach

We know how difficult it is to find help and support, particularly within communities where mental health can be frowned upon, or even ignored. It can be daunting to find traditional help methods, with barriers appearing in all aspects of life. Our focus is within communities where people will uplift people.

Our mission is to empower communities who have been impacted by the affects of the pandemic and are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. Through our consultations we saw a reoccurring issue being highlighted as isolation and loneliness

With a wide range of expertise offering DBT counselling to 18 to 65 year olds from Leicestershire and where appropriate to make the service easily accessible language specialist support can be provided In Hindi , gujrati and Panjabi

What we do

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1-1 support

Group support

tackling digital poverty

Creative workshops that aim to engage and capture the imagination of those who need it most; delivered by industry professionals.


Music production, recording, performance, engineering and composition for all ages, delivered in conjuction with local recording studios and institutes.


Creative writing, illustration, photography, video and painting with renowned artists.


Our very own allotment is accessible for service users to enjoy the outdoors whilst growing and farming their own food and plant wildlife.




We work together and in partnership with other organisations to achieve our vision for our service users.


Consistent development of our services based on the needs of our service users.


Cultural competence and equality is at the core of our organisation

Our service usually benefits people who suffer from isolation and social anxiety, depression , and low self esteem and confidence . Safely engaging individuals within their local community.

With the affects of the pandemic we understand that a lot of People had become disengaged from mainstream society and their local communities.

We strongly believe that social inclusion within the community is key for people to Feel empowered ,build confidence and self belief .

Loneliness is a day-to-day problem for people who are estranged from their communities and have few or no support networks, friends or relatives. Wellbeing buddies aims to provide community inclusion For people who have health and mental health conditions and due to this are unable to integrate,befriending can be an invaluable service, as loneliness and isolation can lead to illnesses, such as depression ,anxiety and general emotional distresses .

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